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I love to share my passion for cooking, nutrition, and happy eating with others!

Check out the videos below for some of my eats!


Another “Great Day” in San Antonio with the Kens 5 crew! Whipped up some fish tacos, avocado cake, and a transformed some canned vegetables! Happy to work with Mazola Corn Oil on this segment.

From a broccoli sprout breakfast to fish salad and a coconut water smoothie…it’s all about a healthy bite over on Great Day SA:

Spent the entire show with the crew of Great Day San Antonio. We blended up green smoothies, heated up the studio with simple soups, and topped the show off with some grilled fruits:


September marks the start of tailgate season!  Consider one of these three healthy appetizer recipes that Wendy Jo cooks up with Leslie over at San Antonio Living:

Whipping up homemade pesto & dishing the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet with Great Day San Antonio:

Chatting with Leslie on San Antonio Living on ways to “green-ify” your grains:

Dishing nutrition & benefits of the Mediterranean Diet with Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston:

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Mediterranean Cooking

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Here’s Wendy Jo having some fun & cooking up her favorite Mediterranean foods with San Antonio Living’s Shelly Miles:

Check out the video the Chicago Tribune mentioned in one of their posts

Dandelion Greens

Chicken Jambalaya

California-Inspired Salad

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