Speaking Engagements



Virginia Dietetic Association Annual Conference, Taking Nutrition Into the Classroom
Virginia Beach Health Department Quarterly Meeting, Get Your Grill On, and Eat Local and In the Season
Virginia Beach Health Department, All Hail Mighty Aphrodite: Your guide to a healthy and romantic meal
Virginia Beach Family and Consumer Sciences Meeting, After School Specials (With Cookbook)
American Dietetic Association’s Annual Food & Nutrition Conference, Energize, Synergize, & Grow Through Peer Mentorship


Disease Management Culinary Class, An “In-Grained” Approach to Eating with Diabetes
San Diego Sports Medicine patient class, Eat Local: How to become a locavore
Naval Special Warfare Spouse Information Meeting, presentation & brochure: Nutrition Tips for Getting Through Deployments
Weight Loss Boot Camp quarterly classes Weigh to Change
San Diego State University, Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycles Undergraduate Class Adult Nutrition: Needs Assessment & Care Management
Student Nutrition Organization meeting at San Diego State University presentation Moving into Professionalism: The dietetic students path to success in private practice
San Diego Sports Medicine, Faculty & Staff Presentation Making Your “Weigh” Through the Holidays: A success guide for eating throughout the holidays


San Diego Firefighters Regional Wellness Center presentation Fired Up for Nutrition
Naval Special Warfare Support Activity 1 presentations Nutrition 101 & Performance Nutrition
West Coast Sports Medicine Medical Student Conference presentation Effective Nutrition Evaluations for the Athlete
Olympic Training Center, BMX Camp Beyond Practice: Taking your nutrition to the next Level
Olympic Training Center, Female Kayak Camp Beyond the Water: Taking your nutrition to the next level
Olympic Training Center, BMX Camp Performance Nutrition: Maximizing talents through food
San Diego Sports Medicine, Physician Practice Group Caffeine & Weight Loss: Journal review
Alvarado Hospital and Youth Soccer Finding Your Fuel Through Food: Your child’s needs both on and off the field
San Diego County Firefighters & Regional Wellness Firing Up Your Performance Through Food
San Diego County Firefighters & Regional Wellness quarterly newsletter publication, Nutrition ColumnistJust Wendy Jo