{Recipe Redux} Food Memories & Mammy’s Turkey Soup

When reminiscing about the holidays it’s a challenge for me not to instantly think of food…and playing cards, because that’s what my family did for decades and generations. Our meal traditions have stayed consistent over the years, with perhaps each of … Continue reading

{Recipe} Spicy Lobster Hand Rolls


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October is the beginning of lobster season in California. Meaning folks can start diving for their own lobster, we call it “buggin’.” Don’t fret…I did not go diving, but my husband picked up some scrumptious bugs! Given we live in Southern Cal … Continue reading

Oh where, oh where have I been?! #pregnant #sick #HG #PCOS


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Is she under a rock?  Did you she fall off a cliff?  Did she forget about her poor website? Did she stop cooking? Oh where, oh where is Wendy Jo? Truth? Pretty much all of these things are true.  I’m … Continue reading

{Recipe Redux} Small bites! Oatmeal Raisin & Walnut nibbles for after school snacks!

My Facebook feed always tunes me into when the start of school begins.  I see hundreds of “1st Day” photos and then pictures of wine glasses toasting! What? Well, something like that for some photo-taking moms. Along with all the photos … Continue reading

Tart Cherry Chia Limeade


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Recently I was asked to give a talk to military personnel regarding performance nutrition and two products took main stage during my little chat…Chia Seeds & Tart Cherry Juice.  I was even lucky to get Cheribundi, makers of fabulous Tart … Continue reading

‘Tinis & ‘Tizers…a Night in South Austin with @TitosVodka {Part 2}


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As I whip up a batch of fresh watermelon, mint, & Tito’s Vodka it reminds me that I must finish up Part 2 of my ‘Tinis & ‘Tizers!  The best part…what we ate!  Of course many will throw up their … Continue reading