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Artists can perform at their peak once they have a solid nutrition foundation.  Let the Roadie Nutritionist®  help you take your performance to the next level

Basic Services      

1:1 nutrition sessions.
Nutrition management and consultation.
Guided meal planning and menu design.

Crew Overhaul

Customized plans based on goals, needs and dietary restrictions
“Road Fuel” list to guide nutritional choices on the road.
Guided meal plans and recipes
Follow-up for accountability (through Skype or teleconference)
Menu planning and catering.

Nutrition Chats

Focus:  Eating on the road, performance nutrition and finding a healthy balance.
Tailored to meet the individual needs of the artist and crew.
Have a topic you’re interested in learning more about?  Sports performance, vegetarian, gluten free – just ask!
1-3 hours, on the road with the artist.

Nutrition Tour

Focus: Fueling performance, making balanced decisions and mindful eating techniques
Daily, hands-on nutrition and exercise guidance for 3-5 days on the road.
Menu planning and catering.

Multi-Artist Workshop or Conference

Need to help multiple artists? Use the workshop or conference platform to teach artists performance nutrition  skills
they can use throughout their careers and lives.

* I specialize in meeting the demands of each performer.  Plans and pricing are customized to create a Nutritional Performance Package tailored for the varying needs of performers and crew. Plans above are examples of packages.  I provide an estimate of work based on the extensiveness of each contract.

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