About Wendy Jo

I am Wendy Jo Peterson, The Fuelin’ Roadie and owner of Edible Nutrition.  I am a sports dietitian, culinary nutritionist, international speaker and author.

My passion and expertise begin with my client’s palate, and their taste for nutrition & wellness.

I split my practice between working with artists in my home state of Texas (Fuelin’ Roadie), speaking on the road (Edible Nutrition), and enjoying my garden and family in San Diego, California .

I have over 10 years of experience working with clients – helping them achieve their optimal wellness while meeting their nutrition goals. As a former culinary arts teacher, swim coach, and lover of music, I utilize a unique approach to enhancing the health of every client and tapping into their edible nutrition!

I am also a nutrition speaker and member of the prestigious National Speakers Association.  You can catch me around the country speaking about trendy culinary & nutrition topics, with a strong focus on fueling our military & families. I am a frequent contributor for the Musicfest Magazine and Austin Lifestyles Magazine.  In addition to speaking and writing, I work as a spokesperson for companies that focus on getting a positive nutrition message out through food using television and social media.

In 2011, I published my first book, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies and next up my 2nd book, Adrenal Fatigue For Dummies is due out February 2014.



I received my Bachelors of Science in Food Science & Nutrition from San Diego State and completed my internship through Utah State University.  Military moves bounced me from coast to coast; broadening my experiences with people, culture, and regional challenges.  I returned to California in 2007 to attend the prestigious Defense Language Institute and become a Spanish Linguist.  I found my way back to San Diego and completed my Master’s of Science in Nutrition from San Diego State University.  Formal culinary training includes courses through Florida Culinary Institute, Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and Johnson & Wales University.  I am a member of The National Speakers Association, currently speaking 2-5 times per month across the globe.

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