No Time to Cook? Try this Quinoa Bowl!

My no time to cook lifesaver…Quinoa Bowl


The last semester at school left me with some pretty long days.  On Mondays/Tuesdays you would find me coming home from work only to walk right out again for my night class.  I had little time to do much of anything.  Oftentimes I would chill my face in the fridge trying my hardest to find something to eat; there were never any good leftovers on those days!  I would then switch to the pantry and the only thing I took away was a memorized layout of every spice and boxed item we had.

On one of these manic Mondays I remembered my mom had bought some quinoa that weekend.  I had only tried the grain once before and after reading the label I realized how easy and quick quinoa was to make.  Done in fifteen minutes and all you add is water, score!  This was one of my more creative days and I decided that I would make the quinoa as a rice bowl kind of dish.  After making the quinoa I threw in some green beans that I had steamed in the microwave, some leftover pieces of steak, and kidney beans then ta-da dinner was prepared!!  I took a biscuit that we had leftover from Sunday morning’s breakfast and I was good to go.

After some research I realized that quinoa is often used a side dish but this quinoa bowl always leaves me satisfied as my main course.  The beauty of this dish is that it can be easily modified to whatever you have on hand.  The best time I made it was probably with the steak but since I often don’t have that I have added in some canned shredded roast beef.  Two more great things going for this recipe are that it’s a one pot meal so you’re not left with little to wash and there isn’t much preparation involved either!

Below are two versions that I have made.  If you make your own quinoa bowl comment on how you personalized the dish.

~The Roadie Intern

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