I am Wendy Jo Peterson, The Fuelin’ Roadie and owner of Edible Nutrition.

I am a sports dietitian, nutritionist, chef, speaker, and author.
I split my practice between working with artists in my home state of Texas, speaking all over the world, and seeing clients in San Diego, California.

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Wendy Jo is the Fuelin' Roadie
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Upcoming Classes:

San Diego/Solana Beach: Dine Like You’re in the Mediterranean

Fearless Kitchen by WJ & Robin Plotkin–Full Day/Hands-On Class


Disclosure policy: As in accordance with the FTC I will share with readers when I am writing a post where I receive product or monetary gains. All product reviews or endorsements are of my choosing, and all information provided on my site is not influenced by dollar signs or propaganda. I take my role of providing sound science and solid information serious. Thanks for following!

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